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Title: Owner/Director- Revolution Yoga


What’s your story?
 I began my personal Yoga practice over 16 years ago after my mother heralded its ability to relieve her scoliosis and sciatica symptoms. The practice stayed with me ever since helping me through life’s trials and tribulations. While studying to receive my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University at Albany I worked three years as an Emergency Medical Technician for New York State and Medical Assistant at a Cardiovascular Hospital. The most important thing all of my medical study and experience taught me about good health is prevention.

Yoga is a process tediously tweaked over thousands of years and could not be a more wholesome approach to prevention. Yoga asana (physical practice) teaches the body to detoxify, strengthen, align, relax and most importantly heal itself. Yoga philosophy teaches the mind the tools it needs to face anything and emerge contented and happy. At Revolution Yoga we weave these practices together with the science of Ayurveda( Yoga's sister science) in every class balancing the body according to season and personal constitution to bring balance and help prevent disease.

After college graduation the theme of my life’s work remained the same. I wanted to help people, but its agents shifted slightly. I wanted to help people prevent health problems, I wanted to teach people to find their peace, and I wanted to teach people how heal their bodies from the inside out. So in 2007 I graduated Sonic Yoga’s 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Certification and began the website In 2010 a private client of mine approached me to become her partner and Revolution was born.

What are your biggest passions in life?
Yogic philosophy and practice, Travelling around this big beautiful earth, writing music/ futzing around on my piano/violin/ukele, painting, sculpture, literature, mind-blowing conversations, throwing myself in the ocean, laying in the sand, I am a HUGE FOODIE, I love to get outside, be in the forest, get my hands dirty, spending time with quirky, artistic intellectuals and soul seekers, mindblowing conversations. Generally I'm flowing wherever the wind blows me and trusting the universe to take me where I'm supposed to be. It's brought me here, to this beautiful community at Revolution Yoga. I'm deeply grateful.

How do you plan on changing the world?
Outer change comes from the inside first. As soon as I started working on myself the people around me started changing. You can't influence anything by preaching, first by being, then by teaching. I follow the path of the Yamas and Niyamas (yogic laws of conduct) to the best of my ability and when I fall short I look inward, re-organize and move forward. They encompass compassion, peace, honesty, balance, non-stealing, non hoarding, cleanliness, contentment, austerity, self study and surrender to the universe.

How many passport stamps do you have?(10) Italy, Aruba, France, England, Spain, India, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Montreal, British Colombia

Certifications and Trainings:
200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, Sonic Yoga
500 hour Yoga Teacher Training, Sadhana Yoga (with Sondra Loring and Raghunath Cappo) Bhagavad Gita Studies with Joshua Green. Yogic lifestyle and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika Studies with Yogi Amit. Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra Training with Evangeline Houlihan. Apprenticeship under Keith Wittenstien, Sonic Yoga
Jivamukti Yoga School, Restorative Yoga Workshop, Lakshmi Devi
Om Studios, Thai Yoga Massage Workshop, Jyothi Watanabe
Sonic Yoga, Reconnect with Food Workshop, Beverly Price
Om Factory, Hands on Adjustment Workshop, Jonathan Bowra
Kids Yoga Training, Om Sweet Om, Gail Grossman
Yoga Journal Conference 2011, Business Modules
Tending the Sacred Fire Conferences, Shiva Rea
Ayurvedic Studies, Kerala India
Ayurvedic Studies, Mr. Bharat Mitra (Founder of Organic India
Ayurvedic Studies, Suzanne Wells
GIta Studies- Mahan Mohan
Gita Studies- Joshua Greene
Kirtan Studies, Raghunath Cappo, Guaravani, Mayapuris
Yoga Sutra Studies- Edwin Bryant
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, with minors in Art and English, University at Albany, May 2007
Lorenzo De Medici University, Florence, Italy, Focus in Fine Arts, English Language, and Alternative Therapies

Major Events:
Old Westbury Gardens & Lululemon's Salutation Nation 2011
One Love Long Island Yoga Festival 2012
One Love Long Island Yoga Festival 2013
Bonifate Yoga and Music Festival 2012
Bonifate Yoga and Music Festival (2014)
Afro Beats Music Festival 2013

Sponsored by:
Acis 2010
Playtex Sport 2010
Love Heals 2012
Zico Water 2012
Khataland Travel Yoga Mats 2012
Lululemon Athletica Ambassador 2011