Tara Grando


Title: PR/ Marketing Director, Event Coordinator- Revolution Yoga

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What’s your story?
i took my first yoga class almost 12 years ago while attending college in Manhattan but it was a few years later in a small studio overlooking the ocean in Pacific Beach San Diego that I fell in love with yoga. Intoxicated by the Vinyasa Style of yoga, which aligns movement and breath and emphasizes dynamic flows, this type of meditative, physical movement resonated with me like nothing had before.  I have been faithfully devoted to it's practice and teachings ever since.  

My insatiable desire to learn and grow has always been a driving force in my life, and it has lead me down many paths all of which I am forever grateful for having experienced.  In 2003 I earned my bachelors degree in Philosopy at NYU, and in 2010 I earned a law degree from Hofstra School of Law after completing my studies specializing in the areas of Environmental and Asylum/Refugee Law at Hofstra Law School.

My work in both the environmental and the refugee programs at law school underscored another consistent theme in my life, which is service to others.  In 2004 I developed and funded my own volunteer mission to the mountains of rural Mexico where I worked with underprivileged children for four months teaching English and helping to build a school. I have devoted time to and fundraised money for several non-profit volunteer organizations including the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation and Momma's Kitchen in California where I spent a few hours each week hand delivering meals to San Diegans affected by AIDS. I have never perceived my volunteer efforts to be entirely selfless acts since I always reap magnificent and immeasurable gratification in work that is so spiritually rewarding. 

It was and is in this spirit that I decided to become a yoga teacher. Fortunate enough to find a true community and a truly special and beautiful place among the Long Island yoga community I competed my 200-hour teacher training in 2011. Firmly believing in the idea that a person will be most successful (in all aspects) by doing that which they love to do most, my main goal as a yoga teacher is simply to share.  My classes are about the people that are in them and the community I want to share with them.   I hold authenticity, honesty, love, patience, and compassion above all else and strive to give fully of myself in every single class.  I adore music and believe there is a synergistic effect where sound and movement combine, because of this I strive to use music and environment in her classes such that the sum is greater than the parts. I am passionate, loving, enthusiastic, and especially, sincerely grateful for the awesome opportunity she is presented with in having a chance to share of myself and whatever I have to give with you.

What are your biggest passions in life?
Yoga, Family, Friends, Travel, Music, Food and Gardening

How do you plan on changing the world?
I’ll change the world by having faith that life is truly beautiful and wonderful.  I’ll remind myself that people are usually good and beautiful too and that they can and will surprise you with their own beauty and love for you all the time. I’ll remind myself that helping others is the only way to help anything and that if we don’t have each other we don’t have anything and if we focus our energy in the things that matter the most in the world then we’ll all be happier and everything becomes beautiful.  That’s the kind of world I want.

How many passport stamps do you have? 20!
Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Aruba, Curacao, Barbados, Mexico, Jamaica, Spain, Portugal, England, France, Greece, Amsterdam, Morocco, Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia

Certifications and Trainings:
200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, Revolution Yoga
500 hour Yoga Teacher Training, Sadhana Yoga (with Sondra Loring and Raghunath Cappo) Bhagavad Gita Studies with Joshua Green. Yogic lifestyle and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika Studies with Yogi Amit. Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra Training with Evangeline Houlihan. Kids and Prenatal Yoga Module with Amanda DiGiovanna. The Art of Teaching Inversions with Kat Fowler. Apprenticeship with Amanda DiGiovanna