Muriel Pellizzi



I have been a dancer most of my life, beginning when I was very young. I loved to immerse myself in the movement and the music and would go for hours on end. To me, dance is an artful expression of emotion that also provided a physical outlet and helped me clear my mind. I remember always emerging from dance feeling totally renewed and energized. I guess this was when I first experienced the powerful connection between mind and body…although I didn’t understand it as such at the time.

As life progressed and became evermore complicated, I continued to dance and teach dance sharing all the benefits I had come to love so much.
I started and ran my own dancing school for several years, but the demands of running this business eventually conflicted with my cherished family life and caused me to rethink this path.

Being born with a nurturing spirit, I enjoyed a long career in healthcare but maintained a strong passion for the arts. It seemed the best way to express my creativity. At this point my artwork moved to the forefront and Emotional Creations was born. While I was busy handpainting vintage photos in oils for clients, I was missing a physical practice.

My search led me to try yoga. I was amazed by the beauty of breath-connected movement, the relevance of the philosophies for living life, and the powerful calming effects it had on my mind. It affected me spiritually, mentally and physically like nothing else I’ve ever done before. It later dawned on me that within this incredible practice was an artful expression all its own and it was connecting me with many of my lifelong passions.

After experiencing the results of practicing yoga I soon realized that sharing this wisdom and helping others through teaching was what I wanted to do with this next phase of my life. I decided to focus on restorative yoga, specializing in guiding students towards relaxation, wellness and renewal. I like to help people of different abilities and varying backgrounds achieve a deeply nourishing practice and I strive to create an environment that allows the mind to clear and the heart to open. I believe this is the way I can help people navigate life’s many challenges.

I will always be grateful to my teachers for guiding me as I work to improve my yoga practice and will continue to advance my knowledge to become a better teacher and help my students achieve their goals. 
I always try to maintain an attitude of gratitude for my many blessings, especially for my husband. He is my best friend and greatest source of support and inspiration.  My most important achievement is being the proud mother of my two children who never fail to make me smile everyday. 


Spending time with my family is my passion.  I love yoga, painting, dance, kayaking, snowshoeing, skiing, sailing, my pets, cooking with my husband, decorating, and gardening. Just love being in nature, the snow, the beach (day or night), mountains in the's  all a gift!


One yoga class at a time! I feel I have found my mission in life through Yoga. If I can teach others to find inner peace, accept themselves, and to learn to practice equanimity throughout life's many difficulties, I will feel extremely fulfilled.
Let’s all just remember … BREATHE!


200 hr Teacher Training Vinyasa Flow - Revolution Yoga
(Yoga Alliance Certified)
Restorative Yoga Teacher Training - Revolution Yoga
(Yoga Alliance Certified)
Restorative and Yoga Nidra Module- Evangeline Houlihan
Bhagavad Gita Studies - Joshua Green
Thai Yoga Massage Module - Justin Green
Kids and Pre-natal Module - Amanda DiGiovanna
Aryuvedic Studies - Amanda DiGiovanna
Yoga Immersion Workshop - Raganuth Cappo


While I have made several trips to Mexico and Bermuda, and sailed the British Virgin Islands, most of my travel has been inside the U.S. up to this point. My favorite location is New England and I have traveled extensively throughout Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. I love its natural beauty and appreciate the authentic rural lifestyle. I have also found Washington D.C. very interesting, love skiing in Colorado and soaking up the sun in California. The rest of the world is waiting for me - next stop, Italy!