Our Manifesto

Here we believe Yoga is a Revolution of the Body and Soul. We nourish both in our space, creating an atmosphere of openness to all peoples’ practices, beliefs, experiences and places in life. We open the Body with a comprehensive offering of different types of yoga for any point in the human life: From womb, through infancy, childhood, teenage years, motherhood/fatherhood, and adult years. Classes vary from super gentle, to beginners, to intermediate, to advanced. We open the Mind with Yoga Philosophy, Meditation, and exploration of the Arts through Mixed Media Design Shows, Film, Literature, and Musical performances.

REVOLUTION YOGA has two practice spaces and a Green, Fair-Trade, Artesian Boutique with a Kids/Family studio in the back. We also have a treatment room offering massage, ayurvedic consulting, holistic nutrition and holistic treatments.

What sets Revolution's style of yoga apart from others? Every class you'll be sure to receive your daily dose of vinyasa krama. Vinyasa Krama means intelligently sequenced so one pose builds safely to the next. Your practice will feel organic as your body gradually opens in flexibility and builds in strength as the practice progresses within your one hour and fifteen minute flow. This is a very safe and intelligently thought out process so your practice will heal you rather than harm you. Your teachers have all studied injury prevention and alignment practices that have been proven in studies of yoga and physiology to be the safest forms of movement and body mechanics.

Every class is sequenced Ayurvedically. Ayurveda is yoga's sister science which is still used as a form of medicine and healing in India. It has been developed over 5000 years into the holistic and incredibly effective medical system that it is today. Ayurveda understands how the seasons and our environment affect our bodies and minds on many levels and uses lifestyle practices and yoga technique (asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy) to balance your unique constitution for the season we are in. Each Revolution Yoga class is sequenced from a pool of hundreds of postures to leave you feeling perfectly balanced for the season bringing your body back into equilibrium.

We integrate yoga philosophy and spirituality into every class. By not ignoring the 8 limbs of yoga for just asana (physical practice) we feel we are teaching what the sages and rishi's intended for this practice. Not only will you be purifying your body, you'll be presented ideas that will start to change your life. Lastly in that vein we integrate meditation/concentration technique into each class for the whole yoga package.