Lisa Braun




What’s your story?
My story is far from finished, it’s like a novel, a piece of white paper still sitting in the typewriter (remember those) or half a written virtual page on the computer with a … machine humming waiting for the next keystroke.
However, if I were to look back, (which I do often at my age), it probably stemmed from the way my parents raised me. Their openness and willing to embrace people from all walks of life, to their intelligence and willingness to learn about different cultures all while steadfastly grounded in their own selves. They encouraged us to go out and grow but never forget our roots.  Many of the lessons I learn in Yoga are not foreign to me. The seeds were planted in my youth. One of the most important seeds was the essence of SEVA or the commitment of helping others. That belonging on this earth was a great responsibility beyond us.  That sense of responsibility and lessons of caring carried throughout my life along with my love of film and the creative arts, which my parents also established in our lives (along with being politically active.) One of the biggest lessons my mother taught me was when she reached out to a Senator she supported in order to sponsor a medical student my sister knew. She helped him stay in the country and finish his education and he went on to in turn build hospitals and medical centers in his impoverished country.  One small act blossomed into a great one. These are the same seeds I wanted to plant. I chose to work in Public Television, where I believed in the message of education. During my tenure there my daughter, Isabella, was born. Perfect timing, as she benefited greatly from mom working in a venture where I had access to many education programs. It was also challenging to learn how to balance motherhood and work. That stress is what lead me to my Yoga practice. After many successful and wonderful years there it became apparent that I was growing and changing through the influence of my Yoga practice. The economy and the world were changing and people became more stressed and lost. I wanted to help them the way Yoga was helping me.  The universe heard my intention and for better or worse, was invited to join a teacher training program. From there, my life change entirely. With the advent of the loss of my job, I became a fulltime teacher shortly after my certification. From then on, I have been teaching with the purpose of taking my life experiences into the practice to give my students an opportunity to release and learn how to grow on their own.

My biggest passions:
 My daughter Isabella, watching films and writing them (or hoping to write them again someday) music (inspires me and often will drive my class and teachings) a good Yoga class and inspiring teacher. Anytime I have an opportunity to learn something new, anything, whether it is about Yoga, or history or film, the world around me, I want to be enlightened. I never want my education to end. It’s the passion to learn something new every day.

How do you plan on changing the world?
Simply by changing the way I look at it. And in turn the way others do as well. I want to plant seeds in my students and to teach them how to make their own path in life. I want to continue to help others and make the world better each person and each situation at the time. There is a saying “you change a vote, you change the world.” Change comes about one person at a time.

How many passport stamps do I have?
Only one…to England, my Lion heart (to paraphrase Kate Bush) my opportunities to travel were limited by many circumstances. But I have never felt limited by not being able to physically cross an ocean or be in the land of another country.  Your experiences are only limited by what you perceive in yourself.  I hope my future will be filled with many trips taken with my daughter. My passport awaits.

Certifications and Trainings:
200 and 500 YTT, Yin Yoga, 500 Thai Massage.