Cali Pulice


Nickname:  Cali – but some wacky folks call me calster

What’s your story? (what were some big markers in your life that define your experience on earth/leading you up to yoga)
Growing up the youngest of 6 children in a big Italian family is probably one of the biggest contributers to my who I am and how my path lead me to where I am today. When you live in house where theres always noise and music and passion flying through the air, you find your own little ways to make peace in your mind. My way of finding peace of mind  was through moving my body; dancing, running, drawing, working out etc. Of course this lead to me popping in my first Rodney Yee dvd. After that one hour I felt a shift in myself, only then I didn’t quite understand it  I just knew it made me feel something wonderful.  As my physical yoga practice continued to grow  I quickly realized that it was a world I wanted to dive deeper into, expand my knowledge of and ultimately share with others.  Treating your body well has always been something very important to me and as my mother would say “your body is your temple”( of course the younger me always took that as my mom’s version of a “sex talk”) and I eventually realized how much truth there was to that statement. When I began teaching my first class at nassau community college in 2009, I could see how other people had the same desire to take care of their bodies . I also couldn’t ignore the undeniable feelings of spirituality and bliss that came along with the physical strength yoga offers.  It’s that feeling of shared compassion, peace and joy that fills the room of those practicing and the notion that all those feelings will follow you out the door and into the world onto whatever journey you embark on next.  Whether I’m teaching  an invigorating vinyasa flow to some delicious funky music  or a silly and adventurous kids class my goal is to not only challenge my fellow yogis and make them stronger physically, but to allow them to harness the inner strength, energy and kindess that allows them to put their best love forward each day; making themselves and the people around them see just how sweet the world we live in can be.
What are your biggest passions in life?

Along with teaching and practicing yoga, my biggest passions in life are grooving  to sweet music, drawing, being stolen away into an amazing book, writing, watching a good ol’
movie,  hiking, biking, mooove moooove mooooving my body, cooking delicious and healthy vegan food (lentils and kale please!) and most importantly laughing all day and all night till I can’t laugh anymore.

How do you plan on changing the world?

I hope to leave my mark on the world by encouraging people not expect perfection from ourselves or anyone else  but just live in way that is aware, present, kind and compassionate. One of my goals is to become a part of a health initiative in homes and schools. Our children deserve to eat food that doesn’t make them sick, tired, and toxic. By teaching families that healthy food doesn’t equate to “boring” food, we can all begin to eat cleaner and live happier; like hippocrates says “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”!  By treating our bodies, our earth and everything in between with the love and resect they deserve we can all find a more holistic and organic way to heal and unite; so plant gardens, grow veggies, cook up something delicious and share it with your neighbors!

How many passport stamps do you have? (feel free to list the countries)

As I continue on my path I know my travels will introduce me to more amazing and inspiring people. So far my journies on the music festival scene have proven to do so; I’m determined to leave my mark in as many places as I can while accompanied by good sounds and good people. Eventually I hope to take the time to travel from one end of the U.S to the other and hit every state inbetween. Also if I can make it to Italy, India, Africa and Spain I’ll be a happily traveled gal!

Certifications and Trainings: (please list)

My 200hr teacher training at Revolution Yoga was and remains to be one of the greatest educational and spiritual experiences I’ve had and the things I’ve learned will always stay with me as I continue to learn, grow and teach. My plans for the future include completeing my 300hr Yoga Teacher Training, my Ayurvedic Practitioner Certification, and a degree in Holistic nutrition and healing.

Bhagavad Gita Studies with Joshua Green. Yogic lifestyle and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika Studies with Yogi Amit. Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra Training with Evangeline Houlihan. Kids and Prenatal Yoga Module with Amanda DiGiovanna. The Art of Teaching Inversions with Kat Fowler. Apprenticeship with Amanda DiGiovanna

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