Bec Gathmann



What’s your story? 
I'm a fire-startin', heart-on-my-sleeve, ball-o'-energy, wise-talkin' yogi rebel. i'm also pretty big trouble-maker! The trouble-makers are where its at: ingenues, im-pefectionists, creatives and revolutionaries are the most interesting people to surround yourself with. I find inspiration everywhere any anywhere: hip-hop music, rock and roll, graffiti, modern dance, in the dirt, at the zoo, in slam poetry, biology textbooks, TED talks, in other people's stories. I never want to walk through this world without finding everything around me fascinating. If you're bored, it's because you're not looking hard enough, and if you don't let yourself be struck by the world around you then what's the point? I think vulnerability is a sign of strength and i think yoga brings that out of us. i love yoga because it helps you find strength within yourself, it helps you sidle up next to your own darkness, which lets you appreciate the lightness all the more. I fell even harder in love with yoga because i love to be challenged: challenges help us grow. every challenge is a teacher in disguise if we allow ourselves to face it and be taught. The best wines comes from plants that have struggled: they make sweeter grapes. Yoga also helped me to be a more honest, compassionate, and authentic person. To me, that's being a true rebel: being honestly, compassionately and authentically you NO MATTER WHAT. Even if that means shakin' things up a little bit ;)

What are your biggest passions in life?
Yoga, obviously!Being passionate is my passion. writing, painting, cooking, baking, trying new things, science experiments, gardening, going upside down, circus arts, LOVE, peanut butter and jelly, reading voraciously, talking loudly, community, treating my neighbor as myself, driving with the windows down, traveling, growing outwardly and inwardly, kissin' babies and winning hearts and elections. (kidding!)

How do you plan on changing the world?
My job in this world is to help other people reach their own potential. if we all could direct our energy towards what makes our hearts *sing* and our minds *blown*, the world would RADICALLY change. My job is to make you aware, to find your own strength, to help you be the best version of yourself with kindness, decency, and authenticity. See the problems in the world, and then go out and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. 

How many passport stamps do you have?
Not as many as I'd like! Let's see: mexico, brazil, france, spain, portugal, canada... soon hopefully india, perhaps bali, costa rica, italy, greece... ha ha ha don't even get me started. 

Certifications and Trainings: 200-hour Teaching Certification in Vinyasa Flow through Frog Lotus Yoga, at Monte Mariposa, Portugal, B.A. in Community Health and Social Change, 200-hr RYT, Certified Anti-Gravity Yoga Apprentice, certificate course in interfaith conflict resolution from the United States Institute of Peace, sex-ed and HIV/AIDS educator, Landmark Forum graduate, school of life, beekeeper.